Sundæ Sermon Notes: 17th Sunday (OT)

Today we went to mass at the St Jude Shrine in downtown Baltimore, as is our custom on the 28th of the month. Father preached on the topic of persistence in prayer, working primarily off the Old Testament reading, reminding the congregation that God can work with whatever bit of goodness that is in us. The sermon was a bit difficult to follow because of poor acoustics in the Shrine.

What impresses me about this particular reading is that Abraham prays not so much for himself, but for the citizens of the two cities God has vowed to destroy. He models for us intercessory prayer and the charity of praying for divine mercy to be shown to others. More amazingly, having committed the Almighty to sparing the cities for the sake of fifty righteous, he proceeds to beat Him down. I would not want to have to do business with a negotiator like that!

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