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Of stoups and collects

Monsignor Charles Pope (Archdiocese of Washington DC) as always is on the money with some observations about churchy language. one time I proudly announced, “RCIA classes will begin next week, so if you know anyone who is interested in attending … Continue reading

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The year 2016 being over and done with, here are some things I’ve learned over the last 365 days. The child who is always first to class will always be the first to class even if she arrives 30 seconds … Continue reading

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Inclusivity and Gratitude

Lectionary-based catechesis has its pluses and minuses. I think is important to immerse students in the Bible, especially the Gospels. When we were teaching according to a textbook-based curriculum, I used to do a ten- to fifteen-minute Gospel reflection. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Prayer before the Lesson

Last week, I briefly discussed the usual arrangement of our class altar. Now, I’d like to briefly describe the structure of our opening prayer. One of the guiding principles here is to stick with the traditions of the Church as … Continue reading

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The Class Altar

This past Sunday was, of course, Catechetical Sunday, and as always in our parish, the first day of class for our K-8 Religious Education students. Our first day of the year format allows only about 20 minutes of classroom time, … Continue reading

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To It and At It

There has been a too-long hiatus in posting. Nothing unusual in that: many blogs go unattended after a month when their creators get bored with them. But in my case a lot has happened in the interim with two children … Continue reading

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Sundæ Sermon Notes: 25th Sunday (OT)

Today most of the sermon was on Amos. Father picked up on something that previously escaped me: the dishonest merchants were in a hurry for a religious feast time (“when will the new moon be over?”) and the Sabbath to … Continue reading

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